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The Pinterest Rabbit Hole

I'm a maker by nature, a creator and a doer of many things. I'm also low-key inquisitive. I literally can't help it. Sometimes it causes me great anxiety, especially when I commit to making something for some special occasion and I don't prepare properly or can't find an easy way to do it. This is why I was afraid of Pinterest. Friends and family would often see my little crafts or food creations and ask if I found them through the social media sharing site. I would always tell them I was scared to explore Pinterest because I would most likely end up like a toddler at Disneyland with an unlimited snack pass (what if that was a real thing? Disneyland, think about it). Anyways, Pinterest is my rabbit hole. But, around Halloween 2019, I caved and I started to look for spooky, fun kid foods BUT I did not download the app on my phone. Not having the app gave me a sense of control, I was determined not to let it become a time suck for me. Then COVID-19 happened and although I still had all of the same responsibilities around the house and at work, I found myself with the unique opportunity to reflect on “things I wanted to do” vs “things I have to do.” So, I made a list.

My “have to do” wasn't as long as I was expecting and at the top of my “want to do” was starting my own business. So, I made another list… I'm also a list maker. This list was in the form of a Pinterest board, a board of things I could do with my brand new Cricut Explore Air 2. I ventured into the Pinterest rabbit hole and just like Alice in Wonderland, I was entranced with all the things that this little machine was capable of doing.

I began to realize that my perception of Pinterest was all wrong and that I could still manage my time without feeling overwhelmed. So here I am today, writing, making crafts, foods, websites, an Etsy shop and post COVID-19 travel plans with friends and family. I invite you all to join me on this journey. I'll be sharing some how-to’s, successes, lessons learned and hopefully a few funny stories sprinkled in every blog.

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