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Roar & Snore 2020

We left our quarantine bubble!!

This past week we celebrated Kasen's 9th birthday… cue cry face. Time really does fly and honestly it doesn't feel like we've been in this pandemic for 5 months already. As we began to realize that birthdays this year were going to be a bit different, we watched and waited to see what the directive was for the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park.

We've been members with the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park for a few years (off & on) and we try to visit as often as possible. When Kasen was younger we planned to visit the Roar and Snore as soon as he met the minimum age requirement. Well… that time came and went, life happened, another baby joined our family and we moved to Northern California for a couple of years. We eventually moved back to So Cali a couple of years ago (Bay Area real estate is no joke) and fast forward to now. When we heard they were re-opening the Zoo and Safari Park towards the end of June, we decided it was perfect timing for a quick family getaway. I called right away to book our visit, because Kasen's birthday was coming up and this mama was starting to lose her marbles a little bit being home all the time.

So if you didn't guess from the title of this blog... we booked the Roar and Snore Safari - which is an overnight camping style experience inside the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We also opted to book the Rhino and Friends Behind the Scenes Safari - because we haven't gone ANYWHERE since January. I can honestly tell you it was an incredible experience and if there was only one thing I could change about it... it would be the food selection and maybe the coffee too. In my eyes the “experience” itself can often make up for those things, so it didn't bother me much. We even got the opportunity to see a baby rhino that was born either the night before or very early that morning!! Coolest thing ever and imagine literally being woken up at 4:30 AM by the sound of a roaring lion, not many people get to say that.

We stayed in the tent that came with a queen size bed, there were also two cots that came with sleeping bags and enough pillows for all of us. This tent had two camping chairs to put out on the deck that overlooked the valley where most of the “African Savanna” animals were living. The San Diego Zoo folks were incredibly thoughtful about cleanliness, sanitation and social distancing guidelines - it seemed like they were not booking guests next to each other to maintain these guidelines. So the tent next to us was EMPTY! They also ensured guests were seated at tables carefully spaced apart during dinner, only had animal presentations in small groups and the s'mores were packed in separate boxes for each family to use during the campfire.

I really think I've shared so much here already and I want you to see what our experience was like through a video I've posted on my YouTube channel linked here We really miss traveling, we miss our family vacations, we even miss the airport! I've got some fun stuff coming up on IG and in the Etsy shop so stay informed by subscribing to this blog (there's a discount code in there) and following me on IG @thepinspiredmama.

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