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My Top Picks & Uses for Essential Oils

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I've been using essential oils for more than five years. Most often you’ll see my diffuser on with NOW Clear the Air blend. There are countless uses for essential oils and honestly, I’m pretty sure I haven’t even scratched the surface, hopefully I can get an expert mama to share some EO secrets on a future blog. For now, you get my top uses. It’s a short list, I promise.

#1 – my diffuser! - Almost always on... typically right after I've given the kitchen a good scrub down. To me there’s almost nothing more exciting than a clean kitchen with a diffuser on and the scent of this peppermint, eucalyptus, hyssop and rosemary blend.

#2 – wool dryer balls – this was my first dabble in the oils. I read on a blog (a long time ago) that dryer sheets were terrible for the environment and learned that wool dryer balls were just as effective. The best part was that you could change up your “scent” by adding a few drops of oil to the wool ball. Most often, my go-to for laundry is NOW Lavender oil, roughly about 12-15 drops will do and it’s my favorite for our bed linens. I’ve also begun to add it to our laundry detergent which is also unscented.

#3 – baking soda carpet refresher - I learned this tip from my good friend Jenell – add your preferred oil to a bowl of baking soda, mix it well (add more baking soda or EO as desired) and sprinkle the baking soda all over your carpet. Let it sit for as long as possible (I've done it overnight) and then vacuum. TIP: if using a mint-based oil, use sparingly... or you could clear your sinuses! This is my husband's favorite to use if/when he vacuums.

#4 – bug repellent – specifically lemongrass oil – there could be others which are just as useful, but I've come to trust a drop behind each ear, on each wrist, behind my knees and on my ankles to keep mosquitos away. I’ve also read it can sometimes work for flies... but I'm still testing that theory. Whenever I bring out the lemongrass oil, my boys say it reminds them of our trips to Southeast Asia. I’m very prone to mosquito bites and I tend to get very large welts so I'm pretty much always carrying this when we travel. This stuff was incredibly effective. I would suggest a carrier oil for someone with sensitive skin, as one of my boys experienced some irritation when we applied the oil directly to his skin.

I’ve tried different brands and also the little packages you can often find at TJ Maxx stores, but my overall favorite brand is NOW. Their blends seem to last the longest and they are the most effective. I find them at Sprouts, but you can also order them through Amazon (links are listed throughout this article) or even Thrive Market. I've also linked a code below for 25% off your first order with Thrive Market.

Of all the senses, I believe scent has the strongest abilities to bring back certain memories. Hopefully, for my boys the smell of a clean kitchen, fresh bed sheets or a good meal (not an oil but it still counts) will always remind them of their mama’s house. 

If you’ve tried any of these, please let me know how it turned out and if you know an expert who can share some more awesome tips shoot me a message!

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