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Lessons in Gratitude

Wow… its been way too long!! I apologize for not being consistent with my blog postings.

Our last post was right in the tail end of summer and I got so caught up with prepping for the upcoming school year. On top of that, it was also time to start working on some Halloween and Fall themed products for the Etsy shop. Lastly, I still work in a full time job, so I needed to give myself a little brain break.

So with everything going on in the U.S. and all over the world, our family has decided to take this time as an opportunity to start homeschooling. My husband and I had been discussing it for the past few years and we always agreed that if we got the chance to start homeschooling then we'd certainly take it. Our current school was not being as transparent with their plans or outlook for the upcoming school year. I'm sure they had great reason but we prefer to be as prepared as possible, we couldn't wait for updates and we began our research on different homeschool programs. I won't go into detail on which program we chose but it was incredibly simple to get started and thankfully the boys had a really great foundation from their traditional school.

We were in our third week of school on September 11, 2020. I had been up late the night before working on products for the shop and I nearly forgot the upcoming date. I laid in bed contemplating how to explain the importance of the next day to my 9 year old and 5 year old - I said a prayer and decided to sleep on it. The next morning, I googled some videos to help explain 9/11 to kids and answered whatever questions I could. I've been working on teaching the boys about gratitude and kindness (it was actually one of our resolutions for 2020) so, I felt this was a perfect time to put my words into action. I asked them if they wanted to go visit our local police and fire station - we're incredibly fortunate to have both very close to where we live - obviously it was a huge YES! I added something extra - I told them I ordered some treats for us to take to the police and firefighters and that we were going thank our local first responders for everything they do for our community.

We headed out to pick up some travelers at Starbucks and a couple dozen donuts. We wrote a sweet thank you note on the top of each box and dropped the first one off at the police department. We then headed over to the fire station where we were invited inside to see the fire house and the firefighters even took the boys out to see the fire truck. It was such an unexpected and sweet surprise for all of us. They told us how much they appreciated us coming down and also invited us back in October for some fire prevention training.

At the end of the day the boys were smiling from ear to ear. I could literally see the joy in their faces from giving something to someone else. They were even planning on what to take back to the fire station when we go visit in October - cookies, cupcakes, chips and burgers lol all their favorites. My heart was so full and I promised them both that we will have a special day of gratitude every year on 9/11 where we bring coffee and donuts to the police and firefighters.

Law enforcement and fire fighters are so incredibly important to our communities and without many of their sacrifices it would be difficult for us to enjoy some of the simplest luxuries of our lives today. So, I've got a free set of Starbucks cup SVG's for all of my subscribers and anyone who reads this blog - use it to show your gratitude and support for these individuals.

Serve and Protect
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