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Fourth of July - Quarantine Version

Our 4th of July was a little bit different this year but also a lot of the same. Sound familiar to you? We’ve remained as quarantined as possible since early March and although certain restrictions were lifted in California my husband and I both agreed that we should continue to remain safe at home. So of course that meant no BBQ with family and no fireworks with friends... at least not in person. I was also in maker mode that day and really wanted to work on some more face masks with the adjustable straps. Basically, I was an “invisible mama” for most of the day. In an effort to still give the boys a celebratory meal, I gave myself a hard stop for crafting and moved into the kitchen. I knew I wasn’t going to do anything extravagant and I kept it fairly simple.

That morning, I put some chicken breasts in the crockpot with Kinder’s BBQ Sauce. I took a couple pieces of corn on the cob out to the grill *TIP* Pre-soak your corn with husks on to prevent burning. After the corn was done, I threw a bag of sweet potato fries in the oven, sliced snacking tomatoes and chopped cilantro, lime and onion. I also sliced and prepped berries for dessert.

Our final spread was BBQ chicken sliders (salad for mama), sweet potato fries, my Mexican Corn Slaw and some mixed berry trifles for dessert.

Then we went to the backyard and watched some not so legal fireworks being displayed by the neighborhood several streets away. Came back inside to watch Sonic the Hedgehog and called it an “early” night. So not so different than our usual Saturday nights around here, quarantined and married with children can only limit you if you allow it. So make the best of it, keep things simple and cherish the moments that make your heart smile. Here’s my simple Mexican Corn Slaw recipe for anyone who wants to give it a try.

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