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DIY Tie-Dye Party

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It was a tie-dye weekend at our house. I got the light bulb idea on Friday to make some tie-dye masks for the Etsy shop. As soon as my workday ended, I headed to my local craft store. I picked up this Tulip Tie-Dye Party Kit and a few yards of 100% cotton fabric and headed home.

This kit was so easy to use. Plus it was a fun project the boys and I could do together that would still allow me to feel productive (more on that in a future blog post.) I pre-washed the fabric and cut it into pieces that we could each dye separately. They asked me to tie each of theirs up to match the instructions in the box and the picked some colors to use. A truly awesome experience for my almost 9 year old (@kasen_eats) who made my heart smile when he asked me if we had any white t-shirts he could dye.

The options for things you can dye are pretty unlimited and the more imagination the better. If you're looking for some ideas, tips or tricks check out this link from Tulip.

This particular tie-dye takes around 6-8 hours to absorb. If your little ones (or maybe you) are impatient, I would suggest doing this at night so you get to see your creation first thing in the morning. We opted to work on them at night and then another batch the next morning. Kasen was up early enough to help me rinse everything and place them in the washer & dryer. He was so excited to see his “new” t-shirt and picked out a specific fabric for mama to make him a new face mask.

Quarantine Tie-Dye party success. I really enjoyed it and the boys did too. So much in fact, I picked up another kit for us to use with our cousins. These kits can be found on Amazon at

If you’d like to tie-dye your own face masks at home check out my Etsy shop. I’ve got a limited number of DIY Tie-Dye Face Mask Kits available for $40. Each kit provides you with 2 ready to dye face masks, 3 bottles of dye, 15 rubber bands and 2 pairs of gloves. Clicking on the photo will take you directly to the listing.

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